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What is the treatment?
1. With the initial consultation, you can decide whether you want a pure advice, or in addition, an initial examination with subsequent diagnosis and therapy.

The pure advice informs about your personal options to reach best your goal. Herein I reflect already problem-oriented your individual circumstances, such as your personal life style, your medical history and your current health situation (anamnesis).

2. According to the needs of proper findings, occurs subsequently a physical examination in accordance with the theories of Western- and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It includes a visual inspection, including eye and tongue diagnosis and optionally palpation/percussion (pressing/knocking) and auscultation (listening).

Thus, your initial consultation is completed. The diagnosis and treatment plan will be presented to you with the first therapy treatment.

The initial consultation is calculated per every starting 30 minutes. The duration is as needed approx. 60 - 90 minutes. The costs are included within the treatment price. Only sole consulting has to be paid separately.
If only a sole consulting is desired, the physical examination can be moved on a later date prior to treatment.

3. If desired, individual dietary plans for self-therapy on weight control can be made for you.

4. With acupuncture treatments, most cases contain as well ear acupuncture (Auriculotherapy).


5. The treatment takes place lying or sitting, on an outpatient basis and under sterile conditions. I.e., the hands, the instruments and all treatment materials are sterile and the acupoints are previously widely disinfected. Exclusively sterile disposable and silicone-free gold and silver needles will be used.

6. Acupuncture needling is usually painless and effects a relaxing state. It can be accompanied by a slight tingling or numbness or a feeling of warmth. Especially after applying specific stimulation techniques, such effect is even desired. Particularly sensitive and especially pain patients, can perceive during treatment even a gain or a sudden onset of their pain symptoms. This point’s to the blockade lifting of the "qi" flow, towards to what was the cause of the pain. This is a therapeutic effect.

7. An acupuncture treatment takes about 30 minutes plus setting and removing the needles. In addition comes weighing and measuring. Thus the entire treatment takes about 60 minutes.

8. “Cavitation” treatments require 30 or 60 minutes according the size of the treated zone. For weighing and measuring about 15 minutes are to be added.

9. In all cases happens no restriction to personal activities, neither before nor after treatment.

10. All treatments are free from side effects.

11. Intolerances are very rare but possible
# In extremely rare cases, it can cause paradoxical reactions. That is, a patient feels, after several sessions, either a significant worsening of symptoms or other intense discomfort. Then an acupuncture treatment should not be continued.
# Bleedings or bruises are very rare at all, usually indicate a medical malpractice.
# Locally occurrence blood drops may happen, especially on heavily tanned skin. But it's not so bad. Then apparently, an invisible vein was hit. Just, it shouldn't happen too often.
# When it comes to a sharp insertion pain, most likely a hair follicle was hit. Especially with good epilated skin, these are as good as invisible. However, this shouldn't happen too often too. If it does the treatment should be discontinued.