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Weight-Loss by Acupuncture
helps to control hunger, eliminates food craving and corrects the diagnosed dysfunctions and imbalances of the organs that are responsible for increased accumulation of body fat or water retention (Improves health parameters through revitalization of organs, tissues and functions).

We also remove the "fat storage information". They become specifically neutralized.
"{In any pre-existing masses of stored fat become reduced, they are memorized as NORMAL DEPOT STATE in cell information. When a weight-loss phase is completed, the brain regulates the organ functions slowing down, so fat depots become restored as soon as possible as to that of previous "Normal state". Fast weight gaining follows accordingly, if this feature is not corrected}"
Resetting the fat memory is therefore inevitable. Individual dietary plans come alongside

In addition, the body becomes detoxified, and excess water accumulations be drained away. The body chemistry is changed in a natural way so that intakes of calories, fats and other nutrients are better metabolized and cannot get easily synthesized into fat and stored.

Locally fat reduchtion by 3-Stage Cavitation
Ultrasound drains fat cells not only faster and locally, also completely eliminates them. By Vacuum suction and Multipolar-RF application, the lymphatic drainage is accelerated and streamlined the skin.

It's not important to add more years to life, but adding more life into the years! Αδυνάτισμα με Βελονισμός (BELONISMOS)