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Down below you read about: "How Acupuncture works"
Acupuncture is a technique of TCM (traditional chinese medicine). TCM holds that living beings (humans or animals) are a holistic one with body and mind. And all is driven by energy. The Energy is the Qi (chi).
Qi comes in various forms. As nutrient, as defensive, as turbid or as spiritual Qi.
And it is in permanent interaction of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are the inseparable opposites of everything. For example, light and shadow, cold and warm, good and evil, etc.

Now Qi floats in certain depths and directions on certain channels (called meridians) throughout the body and connects each part of body, each organ, nerves and brain.

Conditions of sickness or bad feelings in body or mind are a sign of imparity (disbalance) of Yin and Yang and can be regulated by regulating the Qi.

Qi can be influenced by food (nutrition), by mental stimulation (Tai Qi, Qi Gong, Yoga), by mechanical such as massage (pressure) or needles (puncturing).

With thin needles that I insert in certain response points (Acupoints) of bodies, the Qi (float of energy) becomes regulated.
Through this enforcing, reducing or unblocking of float of Qi, Yin and Yang can be rebalanced and the healthy condition can be reestablished.

Ancient bone and stone “needles” thought to be thousands of years old have been found in modern excavation sites in China. What is known is that therapy with the technique of acupuncture has been helping heal people for ages.
Acupuncture needles—today, made of stainless steel, silver or gold.
My core competence hereby is to treat obesity, diabetes and various women diseases based on hormonal imbalance, such as infertility, PCOS, vaginal dryness, or Migraine, Stress, Quit Smoking.