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The theory of Yin & Yang originated in the antiquity of China, dealing with the orientation of the Universe as well as the motion and variation of all things in the natural world. It holds that the natural world is made up of materials that the material world conceives and develops and constantly varies in interaction. This inseparable interaction is the YIN & YANG. E.g., there is no inside without an outside and no up without a down, no light without shadow, or cold and warm, or good and evil. The philosophers and doctors in ancient China regarded the opposition of all things and the wane and wax as well as the variation of YIN & YANG as a law of the universe.

But YIN & YANG are no arbitrary divisions. In fact they are in constant and complicated interaction. The interdependence between YIN & YANG is literarily rooting in each other, indicating there dependency from another. So they MUST exist in pair and no side can exist solitarily.
If one gives rise, the other must decrease. If yin or yang wanes or waxes to an extreme point, it will turn into the opposite. E.g., extreme cold generates heat and opposite. We all know that we can heavily burn on deep cold ice.