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Was ist TCM - Ti einai TCM

Concept of Holism - I olotita tou somatos

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5 Elements - Ta 5 Stixoia

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Blood - Blut - Aima

Body Fluids Jin and Ye

Jing - Ousia/Essence/Essenz

The Meridians - Die Meridiane - Oi Mesimbrini

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The concept means the human body is an organic whole and that human beings are inseparable interrelated with nature.

The wholeness of the body
is composed of various tissues which includes the any organs such as the viscera, the meridians, the five sensory organs, the nine orifices, the four limbs and all skeletal parts.
All these different tissues are united into an organic whole, closely related to each other in structure, physiology and pathology.

The correlation between man and nature: Living beings evolve from nature live in it. Nature provides them all necessities such as e.g., food, sunlight, air water. Changes in nature, e.g., seasonal or changes or geographical conditions, affect the human body directly or indirectly and bring on corresponding physiological and pathological responses.