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Was ist TCM - Ti einai TCM

Concept of Holism - I olotita tou somatos

Yin & Yang

5 Elements - Ta 5 Stixoia

The Qi - Das Chi - To Tsi

Blood - Blut - Aima

Body Fluids Jin and Ye

Jing - Ousia/Essence/Essenz

The Meridians - Die Meridiane - Oi Mesimbrini

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TCM, a great treasure-house of culture and indispensable part of the splendid Chinese culture, has absorbed the quintessence of classical Chinese philosophy, culture and science and summarized thousands of years in experience of the Chinese people in fighting against diseases.

The TCM theory is the foresaid, as formation into words and by its abstract meanings synonym to understand.

The publication of Huangdi Neijing (approx. 450 BC), the earliest medical canon in China, is the formation of a new theoretical system of medicine. A collection in huge quantity of materials concerning medical practice done by previous generations, summarized and synthesized knowledge of astronomy, geography, biology and meteorology in the light of the theories of YIN & YANG and the FIVE ELEMENTS popular then. It systematically expounded the physiology and pathology of the human body as well as the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Thus it is laying a solid foundation of a unique theoretical system for the further theoretical and clinical development of TCM.