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Dec 19th 2011

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Des Kaiser's Neue Kleider, oder Das Ende Des Geldes ... Herunterladen oder Online-Lesen ... [643 KB]

Unsere Währungs- und Wirtschaftssysteme sind in ein Schuldfinanzierungssystem gezwungen! Denn Zinsen und Wachstum lassen sich systembedingt ausschliesslich durch Verschuldung finanzieren!

Nov 10th 2011

- Oil price hits the $150 again?The International Energy Agency (IEA) has said if
- Iran receives 22 requests from foreign banks to open branches there
The Organisation for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETA) has announced
- Gold enhances your Risk Management
In the current economic environment, low real yields around the globe incentivise read more ...

Jul 7th 2011

"The ruin sneaks around your house already!
Ruined as Germany in 1923? YOU ...? Yes, if you hesitate! Because you are 2-fold threat:
1. The financial system is beyond redemption. Every state MUST fail. U.S. in example: $ 700 billion Bail Out package. But $ 683.7 trillion in outstanding derivatives. The 976-fold!
2. Rescue attempts to kill the system. Because there is ...
... the sling runs to close!
NEVER think that this crisis is over! It just begins. read more ...